Monday, January 17, 2011

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Rose PINK + pink =

Following the veal brothel I found with some of Pincushions pink too. A ball of pink and fuchsia two Pincushions WELL flash used following my desire. What

bowl, then a very good friend asks me for a hat / scarf in fuchsia and what bowl, while a baby girl born in our knowledge!
So at work, we seek a quick project that can fit into a skein for the baby and two balls for the cops. And

HOP! A small

bolero for the baby who is actually the sister of a classmate Minimoog and the parents have also called Minimoog. Finally, no, not REALLY Minimoog, no, they chose the same "Real" name (for the balls that I believed myself to call my daughter shot Minimoog ... uh ... how do you say ...)
A small friendly owner of the comprehensive site Lion Brand . This bolero needed just one skein of Cascade 220. Bad luck, I had my skein entammer stew in hell so I made the seams using a wire Rowan rose almost-sweet and I added a red edging Cascade. Moog
happy baby heated, parents met ^ ^

And re-HOP! My first

Ysolda Teague. Scottish designer (win!) with nimble fingers who is very nice projects with impressive results.
By cons, she knits so well that she forgets how to write. Well yes, mother Teague knit with hands and wrote with his feet. The boss was incomprehensible beyond the tenth line. I had to improvise thoroughly by comparing the photos on Ravelry scarves already made, the loose anything.
Ultimately I am rather out fine and hat / scarf instead of the mouth. Yes, well, I like to the beggar on line 8 but not very serious, I was very happy cops ^ ^

Anyway, I'm the Cascade still a fan. It is worked well and, once washed, it's very sweet. And for these projects I had the pleasure of knitting added watching Miss Marple for the Christmas holidays with my parents in Belgium snowy, curled up in front of the fireplace fires.

Sigh ... It almost makes me love winter ^ ^


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